Big Buck Hunter Marksman: 100% Perfect Shots

Skillz Big Buck Hunter Marksman 100% Perfect Shots

Skillz Big Buck Hunter Marksman

Big Buck Hunter Marksman is a Skillz multiplayer arcade game that offers hunters the ability to score points based on the precision and range of shots they make at whitetail deer they see on the screen. Players would fight for first place in the arcade shooter game, which uses a single gun on the arcade machine. Continue reading to know how to land a 100% perfect shots in Skillz Big Buck Hunter Marksman. 


How To Play Big Buck Hunter Marksman

The Skillz game Big Buck Hunter Marksman, developed in collaboration with Play Mechanix, is available for download by players older than 17.

You will be directed to the game’s tutorial after downloading. To aim, tap and hold the scope. Each shot has a certain amount of Slow-Mo Time, and your sight has a timer. You’ve missed the shot once the timer runs out.

Shot angle is critical for the perfect shot and increasing your marksman streak. To get a perfect shot, aim for important targets inside the deer.

Remember not to shoot Does; hitting them will give you a penalty.

How Much Does Big Buck Hunter: Marksman Cost?

Just like any Skillz game, Big Buck Hunter is free to play. Since it is running the Skillz platform, these games are giving the players the opportunity to compete with real money stakes.

Free Games: You can use ticketz to play free practice games. Winners get two ticketz and second place gets one ticketz per game. You can use ticketz to redeem real prizes in the Skillz shop.

Real Money Games: To play real money games you need $0.6, winners can get $1 and 50 ticketz. You can also join events and win as much as $200 and 150 ticketz.

Be A Real Sniper, 100% Perfect Shots In Big Buck Hunter Marksman

With the release of Big Buck Hunter: Marksman, the mobile video game studio Skillz entered the hunting franchise. Big Buck Hunter made its arcade debut in 2000. And just like that, the shooting game shot to the top of the sporting game downloads.

Big Buck Hunter Marksman Tips And Tricks

Try to aim for the heart, also known as a “heart shot.”It is generally easier to hit the heart than the head with a bullet.

The only recommended time to hit a headshot is if you missed your heart shot and all that is left is heads.

Remember: the way the scoring system works is precision times distance. Starting from deer one to deer five, the game gets progressively harder or further away; the further the target, the higher the score. If you miss any perfect shots, you don’t want to miss the last two deer because they are the farthest away, thereby raising the score.

Learn the maps, where you need to shoot deer, and when you need to shoot deer.

Practice; play your Z and try to practice rounds. Get familiar with the maps. It is recommended to grind a certain map until you start winning, then try to jump on some of the other maps.

Recognize where the deer is moving and lead your shot there.