Skillz Bubble Shooter: Score 100k+

Skillz Bubble Shooter Game

Skillz Bubble Shooter?

Mobile gaming won’t be complete without a Bubble Shooter game; this is one of the most famous puzzle games with millions of fans. Puzzle games like Bubble Shooters are simple but thrilling. Although learning the game and advancing skills are relatively simple, players must strategize and think. Want to know the secrets of the pros? Continue reading to learn how to get an unbeatable score in Skillz Bubble Shooter.

Why Are Skillz Bubble Shooter Games So Popular?

The fact that the gameplay is relatively simple by a broad player population is another important factor in the popularity of Bubble Shooter games. Many players from a variety of player demographics are eager to find this type of content because casual games require little to no prior gaming knowledge and are relatively simple to master. There is a strong player demand for fresh and exciting content since Bubble-fits Shooter’s firmly in the casual genre.


Why Play Skillz Bubble Shooter Games?

The iOS App Store and Google Play Store have a ton of games in the “Bubble Shooter” subgenre. To succeed in this crowded market, you’ll need to build a sharp-looking game. Making a bubble shooter game competitive is one way to differentiate it from the competition. Bubble Shooter is a game on the Skillz platform’s competitive tournament system, where players compete against one another based on skill. Another reason is that you can earn real money rewards once you start winning competitive games; that’s what really makes it more interesting and fun compared to other bubble shooter games.

Skillz Bubble Shooter Games

Bubble Cube 2 – Shoot bubbles onto a board in an effort to match colors, or connect three or more bubbles of the same color. Users of Bubble Cube 2 have the choice of participating in paid tournaments and free game modes where they can play against other gamers. Although you normally win something every time you play a match, the object of the game is to get more points than your opponent to earn more rewards.

Bubble Shooter Tournaments – Consists of multiplayer competitions for money and prizes and is a fun traditional bubble game. With the help of the competition platform Skillz, challenge individuals worldwide. Compete for leaderboards, awards, prizes in real money or virtual money, and a fantastic loyalty program that pays you just for playing!

Bubble Shooter Arena – Turns online bubble blast games into a global competition! Play bubble matching matches with other players, and win to go up the leaderboard. Gain rewards for achieving high marks! Score points by shooting bubbles! The more matches and blasts you can complete, the more money you can make. See how many bubbles you can pop in three minutes!

How To Score 100k In Skillz Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is quite simple to play, just pop the bubbles right? But, can you get 100k by just shooting bubbles mindlessly? NO! You definitely can’t! And you can’t win high stakes game by just shooting colored bubbles anywhere. Here are some PRO tips on how to get crush your Bubble Shooter Games!

Tips & Tricks

1. Be fast in dropping the bubble until only two colors are left.

2. Be smart about where you will shoot each bubble. Don’t shoot bubbles mindlessly; focus on where you are aiming before letting go of the bubbles. The longer the chain of bubbles, the higher your score will be.

3. Once you lose a game, stop and take a break. This may result in a losing streak, especially when you are so eager to win your next game. Just keep playing when you are winning and focus on your game.


  • Match each color and be fast!
  • Your primary goal is to wipe every color until only two colors are left on your board. Once a particular color is gone from the board, it won’t respawn anymore.
  • If there are only 2 colors left in the table, your chains will be longer. The longer your chain, the higher the score that you will get.
  • If there is only one color left, try to miss the target to get more balls.
  • Once you clear your board on time, your score will be doubled.