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Pool Payday: The Ultimate Guide 2022

Pool Payday Skillz Game Review 2022

What is Pool Payday?

Playing billiards video games for entertainment or competition is enjoyable. Consider Pool Payday if you want legitimate cash tournaments and free practice rounds. Head-to-head matches and the chance to win actual prizes from your phone are both features of this game.

Pool Payday is one of several Skillz games that offers online tournaments for players to win real money and make money while having a lot of fun, as well as being one of the top apps for those looking for pool games. It was created by Hidden Pixel Games, LLC and powered by Skillz.

The iOS App Store offers Pool Payday to iPhone and iPad users. The game is also available for download through the Google Play Store for Android users. Pool Payday APK is also downloadable thru the Skillz website.


Is Pool Payday Legit?

People asking or saying the program is legit or not are among the first things that show up while Googling reviews of Pool Payday. It is legit, In fact, you can win cash and gifts. The ability to earn money through mobile games, however, requires time and true competence. It involves some risk, which is what playing pool for cash entails. You don’t have to pay to play, so you can still have fun.

Pool Payday Review 2022 to win real cash

How to Play Pool Payday?

The game is simple to play, but because each move has a time limit, you must quickly slide your fingertips across the screen of your smartphone to place your cue stick. As a result, to improve your competitiveness and learn how to aim your cue stick and control ball speed, you will need to play a number of practice games.

The game is still focused on talent. The program tries to pair you with opponents of a comparable skill level for fair competition, even when your opponent may have more experience.

Unlimited free practice rounds are available for play. These three-minute, single-player games employ the trick shot rules. Utilize these rounds to improve your aim and speed.

When you play games using Skillz, you receive Ticketz at the end of each game: 2 for winning and 1 for placing second. Following the practice games, one Ticketz is needed to play each game. This implies that you can always play for free and that the game may become addictive.

8-Ball Pool

For head-to-head battles, you could prefer the fundamental 8-ball pool rules. You compete against a partner in this game while attempting to sink the stripes or solids. You then pocket the 8-ball to win without scratching the cue ball after pocketing your pattern.

Trick Shot Pool

Trick Shot Pool, a turn-based game in which you take the first shot and your opponent follows until the table is empty, is an interesting variation.

It doesn’t matter if you sink the 8-ball, stripes, or solids. Instead, here are various factors that affect how many points you receive:

Ball Number, which ball you pocket determines the base number of points you receive.

Pocket Bonus, A bonus multiplier of between 1x and 10x is included in each pocket. You receive the base points plus the multiplier when you sink a ball.

Trick Shots, bonus points are awarded for catching a ball after it has bounced against a wall or another ball.

Note: If you don’t pocket a ball or mistakenly send your cue ball into a pocket, you lose points.

Pool Payday Rewards and Winnings

The goal of Skillz games is to encourage competition among players. Real rewards and money may be earned using Ticketz, but you must win a ton of games to do so. A Skillz Hoodie will cost you 540K Ticketz, and a Skillz sticker will cost you 1,000 Ticketz.

You can compete in real-time competitions in Leagues for guaranteed rewards. During my first practice games, a popup message informed me that I just needed three more games to enter a league with a $15,985 cash prize and 150K Z tokens. That prize of almost $16,000 is some serious hard cash!

You might compete against another rookie as a rookie. You could enter for just $0.60, and if you won, you’d receive $1 and 50 Ticketz.

The Topaz 3-Round was an additional choice. You could enter a contest with a chance to win $300 and 150 Ticketz for $2. You could also discover contests that correspond to your expertise.

Tips and Tricks To Win in Pool Payday and Win Real Money

The Pool Payday game’s simple rules vary depending on the kind of match. Here are some of the most effective Pool Payday Strategy, Tips and Tricks to win and beat your competition, balling your pockets, and winning money!


Utilize your practice games! Be sure to get the hang on how to navigate your phone while playing the game. The tutorial is useful for brand-new players to learn how to align their cues and click a button to take shots.

Find the best time to play the game!

There are certain time of the day where most pro players get their phone and play the game. Take note of that time and try not to compete with them. If you want to win, you should focus on playing when regular people are playing rather than playing at the time where most pro gamers are playing.

Learn how to call it quits!

Make sure not to go all-in and play any more cash games for the day if you lose one game. That is a particular trick that lots of people (pro gamers) use, and it seems to increase their bankrolls. Take a walk or a break, play again when you feel lucky and hyped to win.

Try to play missions

You can earn in-game goodies like unique cue sticks and pool tables as you finish matches. Although it doesn’t exactly compare to winning actual money, it can be a fun element to personalize your games.

Use bonus cash or promo codes

When you make eligible deposits, bonus cash offers will frequently appear. Promo codes can also be entered to receive additional bonuses.

Pool Payday Skillz Review, Win real money

Pool Payday Cash Out

After setting up a Pool Payday account, the “Withdraw” option will appear in the game menu. The amount you wish to take from your cash balance then becomes your choice. The payment method you initially used, such as PayPal or a credit card, will be utilized to send withdrawals up to the deposit amount. Any withdrawals in excess of your initial deposit will be sent to U.S. players as a paper check.

Pool Payday Promo Code

If you’re looking for a Pool Payday promo code, make sure to check their official website or social media channels. Promotional codes can often provide discounts or special offers for users of the Pool Payday platform. Keep an eye out for any ongoing promotions or announcements from Pool Payday to ensure you don’t miss out on potential savings.

Visit this page for Pool Payday Promo Code.

Pool Payday APK Download

To download the Pool Payday APK, visit the official Pool Payday website or a trusted app distribution platform. Make sure you’re downloading from a legitimate source to ensure the safety of your device. Once you have the APK file, you can follow the installation instructions to set up the Pool Payday app on your device and start enjoying its features.

Here’s a detailed instruction on how to download games.

Pool Payday Review

A review of Pool Payday depends on the user’s experience with the platform. Generally, Pool Payday is a mobile application that offers ways to earn money, often through playing games or completing tasks. Users may find it entertaining and potentially profitable, but it’s essential to do your research and read reviews from multiple sources before deciding to engage with any such platform. Keep in mind that experiences can vary, and what works for one person might not work as well for another. Always exercise caution and make informed decisions when using apps that promise earnings.

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Pool Payday Reviews and Game Ratings

Amazing reviews from players around the world! Start earning while playing! Check out more Skillz Games where you can win real cash prizes!

Pool Payday Review 2022
Pool Payday Review 2022 win real cash prizes
Pool Payday Review 2022 win real cash prizes