The Skillz Platform

Win real money playing skillz

What is Skillz?

Skillz is a platform for online, multiplayer mobile video game competitions that is built into a number of iOS and Android applications. It allows them to compete against other players across the world in tournaments. By using the Skillz platform, game makers were able to incorporate real money winnings into their games. Today, a lot of game genres were available to play within Skillz; some of these genres are card games, board games, bingo games, puzzle games, and even sports games. So, how legit is Win Skillz Game and Earn Real Money? Let’s find out more about how Skillz work.

Skillz App

Skillz has an official app where you can download all the games that run on the Skillz platform. You can get the Skillz app from the Apple app store by searching for it, downloading it, and installing it.

Unfortunately, Skillz app is not available for Android devices since it is not downloadable from the Google Play Store. If you are an Android user, just go to the official Skillz website, download the Skillz game APK file from there, and install.

Is Skillz Legal?

The legal, social, and economic history of Skillz-based gaming is well-established. Skillz games have long provided participants with the opportunity to compete based on one’s abilities, from traditional board games to major sporting championships. Since Skillz-powered games clearly distinguish themselves as being games of skill rather than games of chance, the majority of the United States has legalized Skillz competitions.

Here are some places where you can’t compete real money games in Skillz:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Montana
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee

Are Skillz Games Gambling?

Because the widely recognized definition of gambling excludes three particular elements—the awarding of a reward, paid-in consideration (entrants must pay to participate), and an outcome decided by chance—cash-based tournaments in games of skill are not considered gambling. Most of the United States has legalized Skillz competitions because games powered by Skillz make it evident that they are games of skill rather than games of chance.

Skillz Powered Games

There are hundreds of games available on the Skillz Platform. Most of these games are playable on iOS and Android devices. Though some games are downloadable on the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads, others are not available to download on the Google Play Store for Android users. But don’t worry if you’re an Android user, you can always visit Skillz’s official website to download the APK file of any Skillz game. Yay! 

These are a few of the games that use the Skillz Platform.

How To Download Skillz Games on Android

To play Skillz Games on Android devices, you can always check Google Play Store. Most of the time Skillz Game were not downloadable on the Google Play Store, if either way you were able to find the game there make sure that the game is not single player.

The best way to download Skillz Game for Android users is to visit the official site of Skillz. You can download the APK file by scanning the QR code of the game on the site. Your phone might alert you that it is trying to install an APK file from an unknown source, you can just tap OK to continue with the download and install process.

How To Download Skillz Games on iOS

There are two methods for downloading games on iOS devices. First, you can download and install the Skillz app and download Skillz games there. Second, you can download them directly from the Apple App Store. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download Skillz games.

How To Make a Skillz Account?

You only need to install one of the Skillz library games in order to create an account. Your username will be generated by the app automatically. In the Account section of the app, you can enter your Skillz account information. All Skillz-powered games include those settings as standard features. Due to the shared API used by all Skillz games, usernames and passwords, as well as your balance, are also shared.

How Much Does Skillz Cost?

Skillz games are free to download. Since Skillz is a multiplayer tournament platform, there is an option to play for real money games or free games.

Free Games: Skillz has a virtual currency called “Z,” and players can use this currency to enter free tournaments. Winning tournaments on free games gives you a chance to climb up the leaderboards. You can also use this as a practice ground before participating in real money games

Real Money Games: To join real money games, you need to deposit some cash using your credit card, Apple Pay, or Paypal account. In this kind of tournament, you can win real cash prizes and some Skillz merchandise.

Can I Join Skillz Competitions?

Anyone with a mobile device can join and compete in Skillz! Players must be of legal age (18) and reside in areas where real money games are available.

Skillz can make sure you can join by asking players to turn on their location settings.

Currently, 75% of the world is allowed to join Skillz competitions (you can check the particular country where it is not available using Skillz’s official website). As for the US, you can check the list of places where it is not allowed in the previous topic above.

How To Deposit In Skillz?

Once you have a Skillz account, you can use it to play any Skillz powered game. Here’s how to sign in to your Skillz account on any Skillz game.

You can deposit using a credit card, Apple Pay, or Paypal. The amount you deposit on any Skillz game is reflected in your overall Skillz account.

Ex. If you deposited $50 on Blackout Bingo and wanted to try Solitaire Cube, simply install Solitaire Cube and enter your existing Skillz Account; your Blackout Bingo account balance will automatically reflect on your Solitaire Cube Balance. 


How To Withdraw In Skillz?

If you are ready to cash out your Skillz Game winnings, it is possible to withdraw at any time. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to withdraw your Skillz earnings, with illustrations.

One thing to remember is that the amount of the deposit that you made will be automatically withdrawn using the same process as the deposit. Earnings less the deposit amount will be sent to you via paper check.

Ex. You deposit $20 to play Blackout Bingo using Paypal, after winning some cash, your total balance becomes $80. You decided that you wanted to withdraw all your balance. $20 will be sent back to your Paypal account, while the remaining $60 will be sent to you via paper check.

Usually, it takes 4–6 weeks before players get their withdrawals, but Skillz always tries to process them faster. They manually process every withdrawal to ensure the safety and security of the players’ money.

Note: There is a $1.50 charge if your withdrawal is less than $10.

Skillz Bonus Cash

You can use bonus cash to play tournaments and real money games. You can get bonus cash by inviting people to Skillz. You can share your unique code with another player and have them use it when making a deposit; both of you will receive $10 for the referral. Bonus cash can’t be withdrawn.

Skillz sometimes offers limited-time bonus cash offers. They advertise these promotions via e-mail or on the Skillz app itself. Subscribe to Skillz email and tick the box that says, “I consent to being contacted about Skillz products and offers.”

These offers are usually only valid for a limited time. Always make sure to check your store screen to see if there are any special offers available.

Skillz Game Trophies

Skillz Games, like other mobile games, has some achievements to unlock when playing their games. The Skillz trophy system allows players to get additional cash and “Z” whenever redeemed. You can earn trophies on every Skillz game; it’s a huge challenge for a Skillz gamer to conquer.

Skillz Game Ticketz

Skillz uses a virtual currency called Ticketz to redeem prizes. Ticketz are earned for every game you play, regardless of the result! Additionally, you might acquire Ticketz as a reward for earning a trophy, and occasionally you might get some as part of your login bonus/free gift.

You can view the redeemable ticketz item by going to the store tab or by tapping your Skillz balance in the top left corner of your screen. 

Skillz Game Match Codes

Skillz game match codes let you compete in games for free. You can use match codes to enter tournaments instead of using your deposit cash.

Match codes are usually shared by Skillz social media accounts and third-party websites. Many Skillz players were continuously searching for match codes for certain tournaments.

A particular Skillz Game match code can’t be used to play other Skillz games. If you win tournaments by using a match code, you will get your winnings in real money.

Here are some games that offer match codes:

  • Bubble Shooter
  • Cube Cube
  • Strike! by Bowlero
  • Jewel Quest
  • Solitaire Cube
  • 21 Blitz
You can check out our promo codes section to get existing promo codes, and match codes.

Skillz Game Cheats

You can’t cheat on any Skillz game! Some players report each other for a lot of reasons. Some players play games so well that it looks like they are cheating. Skillz takes cheating very seriously, and any abuse or suspicious activity is thoroughly investigated. If a player is caught cheating, they will be permanently banned from the Skillz database, but Skillz won’t disclose any information regarding the investigations.

Best Skillz Game

Skillz has a large selection of games, including puzzles, card games, board games, sports games, action games, and even bingo. The best game for a particular person can’t be the best for others. We made a short list of Skillz games where you can earn real money. It is free to try any Skillz game, and once you discover what’s best for you, maybe it’s the best time to compete for it at a higher level.

Pros of Skillz

  • Skillz has a big community, and they offer lots of promotions and events
  • If you are good at the game, you can really earn huge real-money prizes
  • Games are free to play
  • Game mods are always there to help
  • If you want to start playing real-money games, you can start with as little as $0.60 in cash
  • Promo codes are shared anywhere!
  • Skillz matchmaking is excellent
  • Many games to choose from

Cons of Skillz

  • Limited to mobile games
  • Some games are only available to iOS or Android