Dominoes Gold: Comprehensive Review and Winning Skillz Tips

Dominoes Gold: The Ultimate Guide

Dominoes Gold Review 2022 Win Real money

What is Dominoes Gold? Is it Legit?

The Dominoes board game has been digitally adapted as Dominoes Gold, which adheres to the same format and rules with the exception that players can actually make money while playing on mobile devices.

The Skillz platform, used by Grey Square Games to administer the game, is well renowned for facilitating player competition that arises naturally. Dominoes Gold is available for Android and iOS users. You can simply download Dominoes Gold APK from Google Play Store or from Skillz website. Apple users can use the app store to download. 


Is Dominoes Gold Legit?

Yes! Playing video games is evolving beyond simple pass time. For a little additional cash, some people turn to these games. Dominoes have long been a competitive game in the real world, and tournaments frequently provide monetary awards. You don’t need to travel anyplace anymore to compete.

How to Play Dominoes Gold?

The player gets the option to select a playing avatar and set a username that can be changed later once the game has been installed and loaded.

The game’s easy four-step tutorial follows this and explains how it operates. This isn’t necessarily essential, however, as the tutorial can be skipped if you like. The software is designed to be similar to a typical game.

Depending on the preferences of the player, a variety of game mods are available. Real-time matches, events, brackets (in which players compete in tournament-style game-play), head-to-head (where players are matched against other players), and practice games are a few examples of game mods.

Nevertheless, people typically compete against one another by playing identical games against the computer unless they are in a specific game mode.

The player who defeats the computer in a set amount of time earns genuine rewards as compensation for their efforts.

When competing against actual opponents, the prize is typically a Ticketz, a feature that allows players to ‘purchase’ into additional games in Skillz-powered games. Real rewards like a Skillz Pullover Hoodie, a Google Chromecast, Skillz Stickers, etc. can be obtained with the Ticketz.

One Ticketz is awarded for each game played against a live opponent, while the Skillz Sticker, one of the least expensive rewards available, costs over 1,000 Ticketz.

Dominoes Gold Review 2022

Dominoes Gold Rewards and Winnings

Prize pools for events are frequently $1,000 or more, while prize pools for league tournaments can reach thousands of dollars. You can earn more than $200 from a single game even when playing some standard cash variants. However, there is no assurance that you will win anything because it is a skill-based game.

In order to participate in cash mode, you typically need to deposit some of your own money. Z coins are your sole alternative if you don’t want to make any in-game deposits. While there are no monetary prizes available in game types that reward Z coins, you can earn tickets that can be exchanged for bonus cash and other rewards.

For a $1 bonus payment, 20,000 tickets are required. A practice game has a seven-minute time limit, and whether you win or lose, you’ll get a ticket.

When competing against actual opponents, the prize is typically a Ticketz, a feature that allows players to ‘purchase’ into additional games in Skillz-powered games. Real rewards like a Skillz Pullover Hoodie, a Google Chromecast, Skillz Stickers, etc. can be obtained with the Ticketz.

Although prize pools can differ, it’s not unusual for the top Pro player to take home more than $2,000 and the top Practice player to take home more than 1,000 Z coins.

Live 1v1 Dominoes: I had the option of entering for $1.80 to $260 for a chance to win $3 to $425.

Dominoes Gold Win Real Money

How To Win Games in Dominoes Gold and Win Real Money?

Dominoes Gold Tips and Tricks, and Strategies

Match the ends of the dominoes. Only end dominos with the same number as the starting domino can be placed adjacent to each other. You may, for instance, place a five next to a five or a six next to a six.

Make a number with five digits. The ends of the board must be a multiple of five in order to score points. This might be 5, 10, 15, 20, and so forth. You receive points in the amount of your multiple of five. You will receive 15 points if the total of the board’s ends is 15.

Choose something from the cemetery. If you still have tiles in your hand but no location to put them, you must draw tiles from your boneyard pile until you have a tile to put.

Purchase a Domino! You win “Domino” if you use all of the tiles in your hand before your rival. You may deduct points from your opponent if they still have any appropriate tiles in their hand. Also, you’ll start the next round off first.


Typically, a Dominoes Gold game lasts seven minutes. The game is over if the timer expires or someone scores the necessary amount, which is typically 100.

Remember that you could receive a time bonus to your final score if there is time left over after the game. Depending on the score differential between you and your opponent, additional points may be given.

Note: You can use promo codes to earn some bonus cash that you can use on your first cash game.


Dominoes Gold Review 2022

How to Cash Out in Dominoes Gold

Got your winnings ready? Are you prepared to withdraw your money? Here are the steps for withdrawing your winnings from Dominoes Gold.

  • Whenever you deposit and begin playing with real money, you can withdraw your remaining sum by choosing Withdraw from the main menu. Any withdrawals up to the total of your deposits will be made using the same payment method you used to make your deposit, whether it was PayPal or a credit card. Any winnings that exceed your total deposit amount will be given to you through paper check if you are playing from the US; otherwise, they will be sent to you via PayPal.
  • Players should anticipate receiving their withdrawals in 4-6 weeks, however, they frequently handle them much more rapidly. It can take some time because the gaming platform manually processes each withdrawal to ensure security. They are always attempting to hasten the withdrawal procedure!
  • While a withdrawal is ongoing, you cannot make fresh deposits; however, you can cancel the withdrawal and use the funds to continue playing. If you decide to cancel your withdrawal for any reason, you can do so from the same place where you made your initial request, the Withdraw option. If you’d like the withdrawal to be canceled on your behalf, send a ticket with your User ID number and the requested cancellation.
Take note that there is a $1.50 charge for any withdrawals under $10. 

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Dominoes Gold Game Ratings and Reviews

Amazing reviews from players around the world! Start earning while playing! Check out more Skillz Games where you can win real cash prizes.

Dominoes Gold Skillz Game
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FAQ about Dominoes Gold

1. What is Dominoes Gold?

Dominoes Gold is a digital adaptation of the classic Dominoes board game that allows players to compete on mobile devices. It adheres to the traditional rules of Dominoes but introduces the unique feature of players being able to earn real money while playing.

2. Is Dominoes Gold Legitimate?

Yes, Dominoes Gold is a legitimate game. It operates on the Skillz platform, known for its credibility in facilitating fair player competitions. The game offers real cash rewards and prizes, making it a genuine opportunity to earn money while playing.

3. How can I Download Dominoes Gold?

Dominoes Gold is available for both Android and iOS users. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store or the Skillz website, while Apple users can get it from the App Store.

4. How do I Play Dominoes Gold?

After installing Dominoes Gold, you can choose an avatar and a username. The game provides a four-step tutorial to explain its mechanics, although it’s optional. Various game modes are available, including real-time matches, events, brackets, head-to-head matches, and practice games.

5. What Rewards Can I Earn in Dominoes Gold?

When playing against live opponents, you can earn Ticketz, which allow you to participate in additional Skillz-powered games. Ticketz can be exchanged for tangible rewards like clothing, electronics, and more. Additionally, cash rewards can be won in certain game variants.

6. Are There Cash Prizes in Dominoes Gold?

Yes, there are cash prizes in Dominoes Gold. Prize pools for events and tournaments can be significant, with top players potentially earning over $2,000. However, winning is not guaranteed as it’s a skill-based game.

7. How Can I Win in Dominoes Gold?

To win in Dominoes Gold, follow these strategies:

  • Match the ends of dominoes with the same numbers.

  • Create multiples of five with the ends of the board to score points.

  • Utilize tiles from the boneyard pile if you can’t make a move.

  • Finish your tiles before your opponent to win “Domino” and gain points.

8. How Long Does a Game Last?

A typical Dominoes Gold game lasts for seven minutes. The game can end if the timer runs out or if a player reaches the required score, usually set at around 100 points.

9. Are There Promo Codes for Dominoes Gold?

Yes, you can use promo codes to earn bonus cash for your first cash game in Dominoes Gold. These codes can provide you with additional funds to enhance your gaming experience.

10. What Platforms is Dominoes Gold Available On?

Dominoes Gold is available on Android devices through the Google Play Store and Skillz website. It is also accessible on iOS devices via the App Store.