Best Skillz Games That Pay Real Money

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Play To Earn: Best Skillz Games That Pay Real Money

Although you won’t be making enough money from these Skillz Games apps to give up your day job, they can be a pleasant diversion and a source of extra income. Read more to know the best Skillz games that pay real money.

All of the recommended games have been tried and tested; they are all legit, and they all have excellent user evaluations on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Today, boost your chances of earning money by downloading all or most of these free apps. Look at this selection of the Best Skillz Games for earning real money:

1. Blackout Bingo

We’re glad invite you to Blackout Bingo, a brand-new bingo-style game where you can win both cash prizes and tangible goodies. More than 96K people have given this game good reviews on the App Store.

You may play bingo for money using this app; you could make $100 right now. Blackout Bingo is the new, socially competitive spin on the popular game with real-world incentives and cash prizes, according to over 5 million participants.


“Yes I’ve had this game app for over a year and at first I lost money. It’s not the apps fault it’s my own because I wasn’t good enough to be playing for serious money. Once I regrouped and played a ton of practice rounds I started seeing the W’s.”

2. Solitaire Cash

In Solitaire Cash, the classic card game of Solitaire has been modernized so that players can also contend for cash prizes. A fun method to win a few cash here and there is to play the free game Solitaire Cash. Up to $83 can be won by the winner each time.

With over 177k ratings and reviews, it has 4.6 out of 5 ratings. If you want to learn how to make money playing video games, these game can be an excellent choice.


“I’ve been playing this game for about a month now and I won my first money game for $2.80 and I was pretty happy with it since I’ve been playing for free and just collecting bonus cash to play paid games.”

3. Dominoes Gold

Participate in domino tournaments inside the Skillz community to win rewards! Playing dominoes on the gaming app Dominoes Gold can earn you real money. Each tournament has a distinct entry cost, which you must pay to participate.

This earn real money app won’t waste your time because it has a 4.7/5 rating out of 24K+ reviews in the App Store.


“Ya WANNA WIN $$$??? Then more than likely-depending on your caliber of playing and quality of playing, you are more than likely going to have to put money into the game in order to win money out of the game and that is not something you’re gonna hear for the first time in your life I know!!!!!!!!”

4. Bingo Cash

One more of the top skill-based bingo applications that offers real money payouts is Bingo Cash. Playing Bingo Cash is fantastic because it’s a really social game. You can enjoy traditional bingo and slot machine games with friends while staking real money on them; the winner takes everything.

You can use Apple Pay or PayPal to withdraw your money at any moment. You may always monitor your money and quickly withdraw it if necessary! Checkout this guide on how to withdraw money on any Skillz Game.


“My favorite part is that you play against someone with the same playing experience/ SKILLZ as you, so a level 1 doesn’t play against a level 10. Also if you don’t have cash to spend then you can win tickets and get bonus cash to use in money tournaments, the money you win is yours to withdrawal.”

5. 21 Blitz

The game 21 Blitz is a mixture of Solitaire and 21. It’s a great way to sharpen your brain, put your 21 skills to the test, or just spend time. When you’re ready to participate and succeed, move from free games against actual people to real money ones. Up to $82 can be yours for every victory.

This is a legit gaming software that pays, according to the glowing reviews and over 27.8K good ratings in the app store.


“I am having a great time playing this game! I might even say that I have a hard time getting my face out of my phone sometimes! LOL! So, I’m going to keep have a great time and if I spend a little money, well, I am ok with that and if I win a little money, I’m really ok with that, too! But most of all it’s a lot of fun!”

6. Solitaire Cube

You can play solitaire on your phone with the addictive game Solitaire Cube. Starting out is really simple, and the game will pair you up with other players who are at your skill level in real time.

Playing solitaire online against other players might earn you money. One of the best games to play to earn money is Solitaire Cube. It’s that easy. This app has almost 85k reviews with 4.6/5 ratings in the Apple app store.


“⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Absolutely Fun !!! Players have the opportunity to play with other competitors in several different Buy in games with the opportunity to win good money if you have the Skillz.”

7. Cube Cube

Score points, fill the board, clean it out, and you win. a straightforward puzzle game with complex strategies. Cube Cube offers money contests in specific regions using the Skillz eSports platform. includes contests where competitors face off in a match for actual money.

This game is free to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. With almost 12.5K reviews and a rating of 4.6/5, this is one of the best puzzle games that gives you a chance to win real money.


“Three minutes. Fill & Clear the board. I’m not from a mobile gaming state, unfortunately, but look out Pro Players during the twenty minutes it takes to cross Wyoming!! Practice tournaments are almost just as fun, or so you’ll tell yourself if you can’t bet on your own game.”

8. Bubble Cube 2

The puzzle game Bubble Cube is quick and enjoyable. To explode the bubbles and clean the board, match colors. a legitimate “game of skill” that you can participate in for entertainment purposes or for contests with cash prizes.

Bubble Cube 2 is available for iOS and Android devices. If you are using an Apple device, you can simply download the Skillz app, install it, open it, and then search for Bubble Cube 2. For Android users, go to the Google Play store and download. If you want to download Bubble Cube 2 APK, simply go to Skillz’s website.

The game has a rating of 4.8/5 and is one of the most addicting bubble game in the app store today.


“Most casual games become impossible to play after a few 100 levels, hoping you’ll become desperate to pay to win. This game, which uses the Skillz system for betting, stays fun, challenging, and exciting whether it’s your 1st or 1000th game!”

9. Big Cooking

The first-ever real-money cooking competition on the App Store is about to get hot! Big Cooking, let’s you create delicious delicacies from around the world in a few bite-sized minutes when you team up with our illustrious heroine, Chelsea. Test your culinary prowess as you go head-to-head with other players to prepare the best drinks, meals, and desserts before serving them up to satisfied customers right away!

Big Cooking is a free game made by Big Run Studios. This is also one of the best games if you want to win real money while chilling and playing.


“The game is great. It focuses on how to develop the strategy of the players. It lets you gain Z points by watching ads hence, you may be able to keep playing games.”

Final Thought About The Best Skillz Games That Pay Real Money

Online gaming is becoming more and more popular, and Skillz eSports games are becoming more and more well-liked. With the help of the Skillz platform, you can play popular smartphone games for real money. Skillz games aren’t considered gambling because the result is determined by your skill and the matching algorithm. You’ll never know when your favorite games will be accessible for real money because new games are constantly being released. What’s the best skillz games that pay real money for you? Leave your comments below!