Skillz Cube Cube: Be The Tetris King

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Skillz Cube Cube

To play Cube Cube, you have to clear the board to secure points and win. It has a complex strategy in a straightforward puzzle game. Drag blocks to the board, fill columns, then remove them to play the anti-gravity Tetris game. Players can win matches with cash prizes in tournaments and head-to-head matches. Find out more about Skillz Cube Cube and how to become the Tetris King. 

Why Should I Play Cube Cube?

You can compete against other players head-to-head in Cube Cube Games or in massive tournaments with many players. In head-to-head games, each player receives the same shapes in the same order, and the winner is the one who accumulates the most points at the end. Challenge people all around the world with Skillz, a platform for competitions equipped with leaderboards, medals, real money prizes, and a fantastic loyalty program that pays you for participating.

How To Be A Tetris King In Skillz Cube Cube?

The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible or survive until the time runs out while maximizing combos and streaks.

For each shape you place on the board you receive 10 pts per individual square in that shape. Each column cleared gives you 100 pts. If you clear multiple rows you get combos.

Combo Points Breakdown:

  • 1 column – 100 pts
  • 2 columns – 300 pts
  • 3 columns – 600 pts
  • 4 columns – 1000 pts
  • 5 columns – 1500 pts
  • 6 columns – 2100 pts

Streaks are rewarded when you clear rows or columns on back to back moves. It increases in each successive level.

Streaks Points Breakdown:

  • 2 columns/rows – 250 streak points – 250 total score
  • 3 columns/rows – 400 streak points – 650 total score
  • 4 columns/rows – 550 streak points – 1,200 total score
  • 5 columns/rows – 700 streak points – 1,900 total score
  • 6 columns/rows – 850 streak points – 2,750 total score
  • 7 columns/rows – 1,000 streak points – 3,750 total score
  • 8 columns/rows – 1,150 streak points – 4,900 total score
  • 9 columns/rows – 1,300 streak points – 6,200 total score
  • 10 columns/rows – 1,450 streak points – 7,650 total score


Try to start building from the corner and stick to the 1/2 of the board if possible. Some gaps on your board are ok; just plan on how to break them off when doing a streak.

There are shapes that are a natural fit for each other, learn which pieces go together and watch for them.

When filling the board, think about the following: 

  • Are there any pieces that could cause you to fail? 
  • Do you have enough room for a 3×3, a 5 long or wide, or both? 

If not, you should think about opening up space, even if it means sacrificing a streak. It is preferable to lose points than to fail the game. 


  • Once the board is built up, you can start making streaks. Going for streaks instead of combos is a good strategy since you gain more points per row or column cleared in a streak than you can with a combo.
  • If you start a streak, don’t stop until you run out of streaks. The goal is to fill as many gaps as possible.
  • Practice your game while in the waiting room.
  • Smart and fast placements win games.


If you don’t have an active streak going and you have one piece that can make a clear, Always clear on the third move to keep your active streak going into the next round.

Lastly, watch replays of players’ games so you can learn their strategies.