Skillz Game Trophies That Give Real Cash

Skillz Game Trophies That Give Real Cash

Just like any game, Skillz games also have a couple of achievements or milestones that players can collect while playing. Each Skillz game has its own achievement ladder. To redeem your trophy, go to the main menu and tap Trophies. Achieving each available trophy will give you various prizes on your Skillz account. Continue reading to learn more about Skillz game trophies that give real money. 


Which Skillz Game Trophy Gives Real Cash

Here is a short list of trophies that you can redeem to get real cash on Skillz games.

25 Practice Games

Winning 25 practice games on a Skillz game will give you $2 real cash. Not bad for someone who just started playing the game. It can also hone your skill with that particular game until you are ready to compete for something bigger.

100 Pro Games

If you win 100 professional games, you will receive a free $1 in real money. By this time, you are already a pro in the game. You can use this cash to enter tournaments and win more real cash.

3 Cash Matches

Winning three cash matches nets you $1 in real money on your Skillz account. Use this to win more real cash games!

10 Pro Tournaments Per Day

If you are quite persistent and consistent, you can try to achieve this trophy. Play 10 pro tournaments every day for a year! Someone just won a $50 gift card by achieving this trophy.

Play 10 pro Skillz tournaments everyday for a year
Play 10 pro Skillz tournaments everyday for a year and get $50 gift card

Final Thoughts On Skillz Game Trophies That Give Real Cash

There is a lot to accomplish in Skillz’s trophy system. Remember that the real cash that you get here will reflect on your Skillz account, which can be used to play different Skillz games. You can try playing different Skillz games and try to get as many trophies as possible. Here’s a list of Skillz games with guides that you can use when trying to explore these games.