How To Download Skillz Game For Android

How To Download Skillz Game For Android

How To Download Skillz Game For Android

It’s easy to download Skillz Games, especially when you are using an iOS device. You can just visit the Apple App Store and download the Skillz games from there. Another way is to download the Skillz app first, install it, and then download the games from the Skillz app store. But how about for Android devices? Why are some games not available to download in the Google Play Store? Learn how to download Skillz game for Android by reading on. 

Steps On How To Download Skillz Game For Android

Games from Skillz are downloaded directly to your Android device. There will be a few more steps to complete if you have never done this before.

1. Choose A Game

Go to the Skillz website and pick a Skillz game that you want to download. In this example, I’m downloading Yatzy Cash.

If you opened the Skillz website on your Android device, you can skip step two and proceed to step 3.

Pick A Skillz Game That You Want To Download

2. Scan The QR Code

The Skillz game page will open; scroll down until you see the game’s QR code. Scan it using your Android device.

Scan The Qr Code Of The Skillz Game That You Want To Download

3. Get The Game

After scanning the QR code with your Android device, the Skillz website will open in your mobile device’s browser. Just tap “Get” to continue with the download.

Download Skillz Game using an android phone

4. Download Anyway

After tapping “Get,” a prompt will open asking your permission to download. Just tap “Download Anyway” to continue.

Download Skillz Games From Skillz website

5. Install Skillz Game

After tapping “Download Anyway,” your mobile device will download the Skillz game APK file. You can see your download progress in your notifications area. After the download To continue, tap “Install.” 

Downloading Skillz Games From Skillz Website

6. Open Skillz Game

After the installation process, you can proceed to open the game by tapping “Open” at the bottom of the screen.

Skillz Game Installation For Android Devices

7. Play Skillz Game

After tapping “Open,” your Skillz game will automatically launch and will be ready to use.

Play Skillz Game On Your Android Device

Final Thoughts On How To Download Skillz Game For Android

All games that run on the Skillz platform are free to play. You can play free practice tournaments where you can use your virtual currency “Z.” You can also join real-money tournaments, but you might need to deposit some money to be able to compete with other players. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to deposit on any Skillz game.


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