How To Download Skillz Games

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Step-by-step Guide On How To Download Skillz Games

1. Open your App Store for iOS users or Google Play Store for Android users.

There are two download choices on how to download skillz games for iOS users. The Skillz App can be downloaded first, and then you can download the game using the Skillz App. Second, download the game itself directly.

For Android users, you can download the game directly from your play store. If the game is not available on Google Play, you can download the game directly from Skillz’s Website.

Skillz Games Download ios and android

2. Download the Skillz Game app and install. For this instance I downloaded Blackout Bingo.

Blackout Bingo Skillz Download

3. Open the app, and create your Skillz Account. You may need to provide some information like your email and password. You may also need to verify your email and contact number. After creating your account, the game will give you a choice to customize your own avatar.

Skillz Game Download Play to win real cash

4. After creating your avatar, you will be guided to the game’s home screen and start your tutorial. Happy Gaming!

You can check our FAQs if you have more questions on how Skillz work.


Skillz Games win to earn real money

Final Thoughts On How To Download Skillz Games

If you are planning to play multiple Skillz Games, make sure to use the same Skillz Account on every game. Owning multiple Skillz Account in one device can get you banned from playing Skillz Games. You only need to register once to create your Skillz Account.