Solitaire Cube Review: Your Guide to Winning Real Money

Solitaire Cube by Tether Studios: The Ultimate Guide

Solitaire Cube Skillz Games win real money

What is Solitaire Cube? Is it Legit?

Tether Studios developed the mobile app Solitaire Cube. You may get the iOS app from the Apple App Store. The iOS version of the gambling app Solitaire Cube is presently ranked #2 in the Apple App Store.

For Android users, directly download the Solitaire Cube APK from

The focus of this game is speed! A 5-minute timer begins each game. Each card that is deposited from the live board earns you points. You’ll start to lose points for drawing after a few successful attempts to draw from the deck. It is preferable to touch the finish button if you are unable to complete the game. If you finish the game before time runs out, you’ll get a few more points.

This app stands out because you can play for actual cash! The app works with the Skillz platform. You can compete for money on the Skillz platform by being matched with other live gamers. You can participate in live events, big pools, and head-to-head matches.


Is Solitaire Cube Legit?

Yes. The app store has given the game excellent reviews. Players can win real-money tournaments that are powered by Skillz. A respectable business called Skillz powers games for millions of players every day! More than 20,000 games are powered by the safe and secure Skillz platform. Each player’s ranking on the Skillz platform changes as they accumulate points and tokens through gameplay. You are matched with other gamers on the platform that have comparable skill levels. The tournament will be fair for all participants in this way.

The Skillz platform emphasizes fair and enjoyable gameplay. Additionally, it features 24/7 customer assistance and anti-cheat technologies.

Solitaire Cube Win real money

How to Play Solitaire Cube?

Create rows of ascending cards as you would in traditional solitaire, however in this variation the cards do not have to be of the same suit unless you have chosen the foundation of an Ace card. To finish your game, you have five minutes on a timer. If you run out of moves, the game will notify you so you can finish the game and get extra points. You will receive bonus points if you win your game in under five minutes; the quicker you win, the more points you will collect.

Free Games (Practice League)

By playing as many of the free games offered here as you can, you can improve your skills. My first practice game wasn’t very successful. Not all games can be won, the program kept reminding me, so I was stuck and had to finish. I did receive extra credit for finishing earlier. I received one Ticketz and 25Z Coins for placing second. With this victory, I had enough to carry on: I only needed 1Z Coin to play in the next game, where I would try to win 2Z Coins.

Real Money Games (Pro League)

Enter the Pro League if you want to play solitaire for real money. To participate in tournaments where you will compete against other players and win the pot, you must make a cash deposit. To participate, you must put up some money. To win, you must then utilize your talent to outsmart and outplay your opponent. These competitions may grow in size.

You receive a free cash bonus from Solitaire Cube simply for signing up and making your first deposit. As an illustration, if you deposit $10, they will double your contribution and add another $10.

You don’t have to play in major games as a rookie because there is a $10 competition. Instead, keep an eye on the app for special offers. You might double your money if you opt to deposit some cash!

solitaire cube win real money awesome prizes

Solitaire Cube Rewards and Winnings

Win Real Money and Prizes

Of course, the chance to win actual money is the best feature. For instance, Katie Nguyen discovered how true that is after winning about $400,000. However, this might not always be the case. Real earnings will probably be lower, but depending on how much you play and how expert you become, you may win anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars a week.

Bonus Cash

This is where the Tickets become free money: For your Ticketz, which enables you to participate in competitions with real cash payouts, you can earn additional cash.

  • 20,000 Ticketz = $1
  • 35,000 Ticketz = $2
  • 80,000 Ticketz = $5
  • 150,000 Ticketz = $10
  • 280,000 Tickets = $20
  • 1,250,000 Ticketz – $100
Also, don’t forget to share your promo code or use a promo code on your first deposit.

How To Win in Solitaire Cube and Win Real Money?

Solitaire Cube Tips and Tricks, and Strategies

• Larger stacks must be exposed first

It’s recommended to pick columns with big stacks behind the current face cards if you want to reveal hidden cards. You have a higher probability of finding useful cards when you reveal larger stacks of hidden cards. The cards can then be utilized to create a sequence.

• When filling a slot, think of colors

A significant choice is whether to choose a King in the color red or black to fill an empty spot. Why? Your decision will determine the color order for that pile for the remainder of the game. In order to ensure that you can easily stack cards as you move forward, you must carefully analyze the Queen and Jack cards that you have at your disposal.

• Never leave a place unoccupied without a King in it

When it comes to eliminating all the cards from a given tableau location, both novice and seasoned players alike are guilty of the error of emptying the tableau spots. But since only Kings can occupy certain slots, if a King isn’t put there, the space will remain empty.

Unless you disclose a King, the entire column will be closed off without the King filling the spot.


Always move cards with reason

It can be tempting to shuffle cards between piles, and you might be tempted to slowly assemble the pile. However, it might be devastating to lock high value cards of different colors beneath cheaper cards. By essentially locking yourself out of the game, you’ll allow your adversary to triumph.


Play the Ace or Two

As soon as you reveal them from the stockpile, play the Ace or Two. You can play the cards that have been revealed from the stockpile rather than drawing more cards.
It is one of the expert maneuvers used by seasoned players in the game. The Aces can go up to the foundation first, and then the deuces or two will probably come next.

Solitaire Cube Cash Out or Withdrawal

Already got your winnings? Ready to cash out? Here are the steps to cash out your Solitaire Cube cash!

  • You can withdraw your balance whenever you make a deposit and start playing with real money by selecting Withdraw from the main menu. The same payment method you used to make your deposit, either PayPal or a credit card, will be used to make any withdrawals up to the sum of your deposits. If you are playing from the US, any winnings over your total deposit amount will be delivered to you through paper check; otherwise, they will be sent to you via PayPal.
  • Players should anticipate receiving their withdrawals in 4-6 weeks, however, they frequently handle them much more rapidly. It can take some time because the gaming platform manually processes each withdrawal to ensure security. They are always attempting to hasten the withdrawal procedure!
  • You cannot make new deposits while a withdrawal is pending, however, you can reverse the transaction and utilize the money for playing. You can cancel your withdrawal from the same location where you first requested it, the Withdraw menu, if you desire to do so for whatever reason. If you’d like, send a ticket with your User ID number and the cancellation request so that the withdrawal will be canceled on your behalf.
Take note that there is a $1.50 charge for any withdrawals under $10. 

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Solitaire Cube Game Ratings and Reviews

Amazing reviews from players around the world! Start earning while playing! Check out more Skillz Games where you can win real cash prizes!

Solitaire Cube Review Win Real Money
Solitaire Cube Review Win Real Money
Solitaire Cube Review Win Real Money

Frequently Asked Questions about Solitaire Cube:

What is Solitaire Cube? Is it Legit?

Solitaire Cube is a mobile app developed by Tether Studios. It’s a legit game available on the Apple App Store for iOS and can also be downloaded directly as an APK from for Android users.

How does the game work?

Solitaire Cube is all about speed. Each game has a 5-minute timer, and you earn points by depositing cards from the live board. Points decrease if you draw after successful attempts. Tapping the finish button is recommended if you can’t complete the game, earning extra points if you finish before time runs out.

Why is Solitaire Cube unique?

Solitaire Cube allows you to play for real cash. The app partners with the Skillz platform, letting you compete for money against other players in live events, head-to-head matches, and big pools.

Is Solitaire Cube a legitimate game?

Yes, it is. The app store reviews are excellent, and the game is backed by Skillz, a reputable company powering real-money tournaments for millions of players daily.

How does the Skillz platform ensure fairness?

Skillz matches players based on comparable skill levels, ensuring a fair tournament experience. The platform also emphasizes fair gameplay and offers 24/7 customer assistance and anti-cheat technologies.

How do I play Solitaire Cube?

Create rows of ascending cards like traditional solitaire. The cards don’t need to be of the same suit unless you’re building on an Ace foundation. You have five minutes to finish, and you earn bonus points for finishing quickly.

Are there free practice games?

Yes, the Practice League offers free games to improve your skills. While not all games can be won, finishing early awards extra credit. You can earn Ticketz and Coins even for placing second.

What are Real Money Games (Pro League)?

The Pro League lets you play solitaire for real money. You need to make a cash deposit to participate in tournaments against other players, aiming to outsmart and outplay opponents for the pot.

What rewards can I earn in Solitaire Cube?

Solitaire Cube offers a chance to win actual money and prizes. While the amount varies, players like Katie Nguyen have won substantial sums, demonstrating the potential.

How can I maximize my earnings in Solitaire Cube?

Earning additional cash is possible by using Ticketz for real cash competitions. Different amounts of Ticketz translate to varying cash payouts. Sharing promo codes and making a first deposit also offer benefits.