How To Join Skillz Competition

How To Join Skillz Competition

How To Join Skillz Competition?

Skillz encourages healthy competition and is making efforts to make sure it can survive in the digital age. The innovative Skillz player-matching technology makes sure that all players are treated fairly by pairing them according to their ability level, so that beginners only play other beginners and experts only play other experts. Here are the guidelines on how to join Skillz competition.

Who Can Compete In Skillz Competition?

A mobile device is required to participate in a Skillz competition. In regions of the world where cash gameplay is permitted, cash competitions are open to all participants who are at least 18 years old. Your device’s location settings must be turned on in order to be eligible to play for real money. This comprehensive Skillz Platform article will teach you everything you need to know about how Skillz work. 

Skillz Player Matching

To ensure that every competition is fair, Skillz uses techniques to match players based on skill level and gaming history. Most matching is now carried out asynchronously. Asynchronous games allow players to play the same match under the same rules without having to do so simultaneously. The actions of one player have no bearing on the game of the other.

Skillz Fair Competition

By pairing players of equivalent ability levels, Skillz uses player matching technology to assure fairness. 

  • Pairing players according to talent
  • Anti-cheat technologies
  • Round-the-clock player support

Eligibility To Join Skillz Competition

Here are some key factors to be eligible to participate in any Skillz competition or tournaments:

  • All participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Should be specifically assigned to the email address provided when they registered for their Account.
  • Possess the power to sign contracts with Skillz.
  • Can access Account and engage in Competitions from a location in the United States.
  • (U.S. Based) Be physically situated in a U.S. state where the laws of that state do not impede the ability to participate in the Competition you choose.
  • (Non-U.S.) Be physically situated in a country or state where participating in the Competition you choose is allowed and unconstrained by the laws of that state or nation.

Final Thoughts On How To Join Skillz Competition

Competition is enjoyable, especially if you are confident that the platform you are using is fair and provides many prizes. Just keep in mind that Skillz, acting on behalf of their developer partners, has the right to suspend or close any Skillz Account at any time, with or without prior warning, if any one of these conditions is not followed. If you have more question on how to join Skillz competition or with any Skillz-related questions, see our Skillz For Gaming FAQ section.