How Do Skillz Games Work?

How do skillz games work

How Do Skillz Games Work?

Players from all around the world can participate in head-to-head matches on the multiplayer gaming platform Skillz in order to earn real money or the game’s in-game currency “Z”. To learn more on how do Skillz games work, keep reading.


Skillz Features

Since all of the games on Skillz are skill-based, you can win money without depending on luck. Technically, given your skill and game-specific information like strategies and tricks, you could win games.

The platform has these features, per Skillz’s website:

  • A monthly player base of more than 30 million
  • 3.5 million tournaments per day
  • 20,000 independent game publishers who regularly release new Skillz games
  • Monthly awards of $60 million
The majority of Skillz games require you to risk your own money, but if you prefer not to, there are other free tournaments available.

How To Play Skillz Games?

Skillz has their own website where you can download Skillz-based games. For iOS users, you can download the Skillz app and download Skillz games from there. Some games are not available to download at the Google Play Store. Android users can go to the Skillz website and download the Skillz game APK file.

To start playing Skillz game to win real money, you should:

  • Download the game you wish to play from
  • When you launch the game app for the first time, create a Skillz account with a username, email, and password.
  • If you want to play with real cash games, you must deposit real money.
  • Play games to try and win cash.
Remember that the money that you deposit on a particular Skillz game will reflect on your Skillz wallet across the whole Skillz platform since these games use the same API.
Your credit card or PayPal information can be entered in the store button on the Skillz Games website to make a deposit.
Once you make a deposit, you can utilize that money to enter cash tournaments and win actual cash prizes. You can also cash out your gains whenever you want.

Summary On How To Play Skillz Games

If you enjoy playing mobile games, you may be considering trying out a few of the games on the Skillz platform. Wide range of game genres are offered by Skillz, as well as free tournaments, the opportunity to earn money while playing video games, and the regular addition of new titles.